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Solo Albums


SPIRAL ELEMENTS (Expanded Edition)
Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2021.08.01
Label: TAR (Los Angeles)


01. Amorphous
02. eau
03. Spiral Elements
04. doze
05. Nebula
06. Adrift (Previously Unreleased Track)
07. Another Place (Previously Unreleased Track)


Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2019.04.05
Catalog No.: TAR089
Label: TAR (Los Angeles)

01. Amorphous
02. eau
03. Spiral Elements
04. doze
05. Nebula


Teruyuki Nobuchi releases an EP from the Los Angeles-based label "TAR".
The latest work is a work that seems to be Teruyuki Nobuchi, who feels delicate,
painful, ephemeral, and kindness while being experimental ambient.






Still Air (Expanded Edition)
Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2021.08.01
Label: Oktaf (Germany)


01. Still Air
02. Into the Silence
03. Le Reve
04. Pulsation
05. Erosion
06. Lost in Meditation
07. Antilia
08. Petos
09. Communication (Previously Unreleased Track)
10. Flickering Mirror (Previously Unreleased Track)


Still Air
Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2016.09.02
Catalog No.: OKTAFCD13
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Oktaf (Germany)

01. Still Air
02. Into the Silence
03. Le Reve
04. Pulsation
05. Erosion
06. Lost in Meditation
07. Antilia
08. Petos


"Still Air" is the third solo album by Japanese electronic musician and soundtrack composer Teruyuki Nobuchika.
The eight track album on German label Oktaf Records features electronic abstractions and classic sensitivity influences
in a minimal ambient music context.

国内外の映画音楽やTVドラマのサウンドトラックなども数多く手掛けている延近輝之が、ドイツのケルンを拠点とするOktaf Recordsから


Article, Review:

Progress Report (UK)

Silence And Sound (France)

Dark Entries (Belgium)

DLSO (Itary)

ATTN:Magazine (UK)

Musik an sic (Germany)

Nitestylez (Germany)

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Polyphonia (Poland)

Written in Music (Nederland)

Sigil of Brass






Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2011.06.15
Catalog No.: PLOP12 / mnc010
Format: CD, Digital
Label: PLOP/mü-nest (Japan/Malaysia)


01. mou
02. café du parc
03. otonami
04. a day
05. bagatelle no.2
06. aquarelle
07. parallel
08. requiem
09. koto
10. hnappian
11. petite étude
12. loop line
13. kokyu
14. water ring
15. lastly


"sonorité" is the talented composer Teruyuki Nobuchika's latest work - his long-awaited 2nd original album after the critically acclaimed
1st original album "morceau" (schole records, 2009).
Having composed so many cinematic scores for films and television drama series, Nobuchika decided to adopt a fresh approach in his
2nd original album - to explore the possibilities of the piano.
Using piano as the only instrument, Nobuchika beautifully crafted his signature melodies and sounds that magicallytransformed the
moments of everyday life into scenes as if there were taken from a movie – they are simple, but yet rich, beautiful and
undoubtedly breathtaking. "sonorité" is a classical and yet contemporary piano suite by Nobuchika that will surely makes one tremble
with delicate emotion.
Its subtle emotional sounds closely resembling wonderful works by peer pianist like Goldmund, Johann Johannsson, Hauschka.
This long awaited original production is the 3rd co-release from mü-nest (Malaysia) and PLOP (Japan).


Article, Review, Interview:

PopMatters (USA)

Review from Portugal's radio show "o domínio dos deuces" (Portugal)

Review article by Taiwan author/music reviewer 陳玠安 (Taiwan)

Vital Weekly (The Netherlands)

Textura (Canada)





Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 11 Sep, 2009
Catalog No.: SCH-011
Format: CD, Digital
Label: schole (Japan)


01. pola
02. tiny fairy
03. in the park
04. tranquille
05. half moon
06. piano bit
07. deauville
08. p2d
09. hypnotique
10. bagatelle no.1
11. reposer
12. nocturne


This is one noble and beautiful soundscape, woven by Teruyuki Nobuchika with his finely honed sensitivity.
The debut album is about to become the new standard of domestic folktronica.

This time, schole presents the debut album by a composer Teruyuki Nobuchika.
First of all, this interesting album is well structured by many varieties of pieces. For "pola" this piece has the honor of the symbolic role
in modern ambient music. On the other hand, for "tiny fairy" and "in the park" these pieces act in concert with former schole pieces'
mental images. Also, "piano bit" or "p2d" would show his genre-free, abundant mind.
And finally, above all, the combinations to the finale "bagatelle no.1", "reposer", "nocturne" are worthy of special mention.
It doesn't need to be explained nothing other for Nobuchik's final movement at all.
There are just some pieces, which so close to us human beings.


Article, Review, Interview:

Schole Records: Special Interview


Norman Records





another morceau
Teruyuki Nobuchika

01. loop line
02. floating
03. re:
04. filming


Album『morceau』extra tracks.







Collaboration Albums


Hior Chronik

Release: 2015.04.15
Format: Digital
Label: bandcamp

01. Joy
02. Lighthouse
03. Lullaby
04. Small tree (remixed by Poplamb)
05. The sea
06. Say yes
07. Starving but happy
08. Melodeer
09. Immer with Teruyuki Nobuchika
10. Dream


Greek electronic artist Hior Chronik's latest album “Birds”including our collaboration music "Immer with Teruyuki Nobuchika”.






Compilation Albums



Joy - schole compilation vol.3
Various Artists

Release: 15 March, 2013
Catalog No.: SCH-029
Format: CD, Digital
Label: schole

iTunes Store

01. beginning / mamerico
02. evergreen / akira kosemura + [.que] feat. lasah
03. irodori / yoshinori takezawa
04. joy / akira kosemura
05. welcome to my playground / hummingbert stereo
06. air / [.que]
07. imagine fun / no.9
08. short story / quentin sirjacq
09. day light dream / sawako + daisuke miyatani
10. santiago / ghost and tape
11. incense / teruyuki nobuchika
12. light dance - guitar / paniyolo
13. anne / haruka nakamura

Teruyuki Nobuchika wrote a new piece for "schole compilation album vol.3".




& autres mélodrames
Various Artists

Release: 21 Jan, 2013
Catalog No.: VAR005
Format: CD
Label: Les Enregistrements Variables

Les Enregistrements Variables
Camomille Music

01. Mistassini / Pikauba
02. Permutation formula / Jesse Osborne-Lanthie
03. Kamermuziek / Machinefabriek
04. Caramel moon / Insa Schirmer & Donja Djember
05. 1.iii.10 / Danny Norbury
06. Distant relations / Évo Lüthi & Layden Bryant
07. Random Oak / Ex-Confusion
08. Variation I / Library Tapes
09. Resurrection of / Fjordne
10. The movement of the grass II / Bruno Sanfilippo
11. Memento / Teruyuki Nobuchika


Our fifth release is a compilation. It is compiled by Évo Lüthi.
Les Enregistrements Variables & Autres mélodrames is a 59 minute collection of sweet tales and introspective drones.
Delicate, sometimes intricate, sometimes powerfull, these little tragedies are brought to you by a slew of captivating artists
from across the world.





the silence was warm vol.3
(2cd soundtracks)
Various Artists

Release: 16 Feb, 2011
Catalog No.: SIC-025
Format: CD
Label: symbolic interaction

Darla Records
Norman Records

disc 1:
01. ritournelle / medolium
02. dystopian air castle / taishin inoue
03. rusak / talvihorros
04. shimokume / hakobune
05. a day / teruyuki nobuchika
06. conversation peace / shotahirama
07. yclept / flotel
08. caster / konntinent
09. falling down around us / hessien
10. yarn / the 2nd colony
11. the decline of iron / melodium


Compilation album symbolic interaction provides to worldwide nice listeners, "the silence was warm".
This is the volume 3 and the theme is "Rebuild".

Including symbolic interaction's artists, Melodium, Set in Sand, Konntinent, Ard Bit, Hakobune and Darren McClure,
there are so many fine Japanese artists Teruyuki Nobuchila (Schole), Yu Miyashita (Mille Plateaux), Taishin Inoue (ORASP),
shotahirama (SIGNAL DADA), Hopeless Local Marching Band (noam), the 2nd colony, and also overseas artists, (Hefty),
Flotel (Expanding Records), thisquietarmy (Alien8), Maps and Diagrams (Cactus Island), Umin (Abandon Building),
Talvihorros (Hibernate), Amorph (U-Cover), Hessien (Handstitched), Line Spectra (IFF Transponder).
Mastered by Rudi Arapahoe and Artworks by fresh artist, (u/o).
So heavy and deep sounds which cannot be categorized by Ambient, Drone, Electronica or Post rock is here.





note of seconds:
schole compilation vol.2

Various Artists

Release: 6 Jul, 2010
Catalog No.: SCH-015
Format: CD, Digital
Label: schole

iTunes Store
Norman Records
White Noise Records

01. revive / akira kosemura + haruka nakamura feat. miho ota
02. 恋の光 / tokinowa
03. traveling / hummingbert stereo
04. here / haruka nakamura
05. re: brillo / yoshinori takezawa
06. pasqua / ghost and tape
07. ma ba ta ki / sawako + daisuke miyatani
08. eleven / dom mino'
09. intermittent color / janis crunch
10. it's true / flica
11. アラトソラ / paniyolo
12. waterside birds / motohiro nakashima
13. kokyu / teruyuki nobuchika
14. fragile / akira kosemura
15. 10 / akira kosemura


The invitation to the world with full of joy and devotion to music, which cannot convey in words,
It contains 15 of lovable pieces which was rubbed by schole's "present" and "hereafter" like a dream.

After three years from its establishment, "schole records", which has grown to be loved by both domestic and international
over many genres, is about to release the monumental compilation album "Note of Seconds."
The album was made by both of artists with familiar works and the new-comers. Each artist just played earnestly their "favorite sounds".
"Note of Seconds" is an album filled with such immaculate love to music. In a long awaited tune called "revise" by akira kosemura +
haruka nakamura after three years of individual works, a vocalist Miho Ota (who supports in UA's pieces and tours) accompanies
herself as lovely flowers and make a tune really suitable for decorating the opening.
Continues from "revise" in a debut tune called "Koi no Hikari" by a new unit Tokinowa, formed by akira kosemura, muneki takasaka
(paniyolo) Janis Crunch, while reflecting a girl's swinging feeling of ephemeral love, a tune mildly lights up the positivity.
"Koi no Hikari" can be described as the label's new look.
While each of new-comers that cannot wait for future releases such as "hummingbirt stereo", "yoshinori takezawa", "ghost and tape"
and "Janis Crunch" put their fresh pieces, the familiar artists that kept enlivens label such as "haruka nakamura", "paniyolo",
"dom mino'", "flica", "sawako + daisuke niyatani", "motohiro nakashima", "teruyuki nobuchika" also presented their newly made pieces.
And "akira kosemura", the label founder, also made new two different piano solo pieces for this album.
Let 15 trucks in 70minutes of full of joy and devotion to music carry you away with even a feeling of love to all pieces.







Original Soundtrack Albums



-Music for ISETAN Christmas Campaign-

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2018.08.01
Format: Digital
Label: nbck records


01. White Wonder Christmas - theme
02. White Wonder Christmas - wm
03. White Wonder Christmas - om
04. Once Upon A Time In Wonder Christmas - wm
05. Once Upon A Time In Wonder Christmas - om





“The Melancholy of the Roupeiro"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2018.01.06
Format: Digital
Label: nbck records


01. The Melancholy of the Roupeiro - Opening
02. Find Out
03. Locker Room
04. Suspicion
05. Confession #1
06. Puzzlement
07. Team Past
08. The Chase
09. Confession #2
10. Psychological Conflict
11. Before the Game
12. Letter
13. The Melancholy of the Roupeiro (Piano Version)





Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2012.06.06
Catalog No.: UZCL-2026
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Anchor Records

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. It's Show Time!!
02. Papadol Boogie
03. Hectic Time
04. The Entertainer
05. Papadol!
06. Eito
07. Last Moment
08. Mittei
09. Kushiyaki Blues
10. Kazoku no Fuukei
11. Yukai na Nakamatachi
12. Hanamurake no Hitobito 1
13. Paparazzi
14. My Daddy Is An Idol!
15. Heavy Schedule :G
16. Papadol Love
17. Kazoku no Fuukei- String Quartet
18. Papadol! - Ukulele
19. Fuan na Kimochi
20. Target
21. Hanamurake no Hitobito 2
22. Midnight Weeping Blues
23. Papadol Love- Strings
24. Kodoku na Sekai
25. Hanamurake no Hitobito 3
26. Papadol! - Piano





Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2011.03.02
Catalog No.: PCCR-00517
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Pony Canyon

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. School - Main Theme
02. Gatenkei Blues
03. Takechike no Hitobito
04. Minkanjin Kochou
05. Samazama na Fuwa
06. Chiisana Himitsu
07. Houkago
08. Takechike no Nichijou
09. Kibou no Hikari
10. Shinsou
11. Kouchou no Negai
12. School!! - A.Guitar
13. Shizuka na Kyujitsu
14. Ganban Rock
15. Gekou no Tocyu de
16. Takechike no Syokutaku
17. Futoukou
18. Yuuyake Blues
19. Kowareta Kokoro
20. Team NARUSE
21. Kurayami no Oto
22. Kawariyuku Gakkou
23. School!! - Piano





"Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2010.09.01
Catalog No.: PCCR-00503
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Pony Canyon

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Natsuniji Koikyoku
02. Umibe Nite
03. amabile
04. Rensoukyoku
05. Nijiiro no Koi
06. poco a poco
07. Chiisana Umi no Melody
08. La Bella Vita
09. one fine day
10. Summer Days
11. Yukkuri Ikouyo
12. Karensou
13. Skydiving - Exit
14. Skydiving - Emergency
15. Summer love in rainbows
16. a day in the summer
17. Charmeuse
18. Kaze no Ginjirou
19. serenade
20. Red Carpet Orchestra
21. Natsuyasou
22. Summer love in rainbows - String Quartet
23. Natsuniji Koikyoku - piano





"Yankee Kun to Megane Chan"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2010.06.09
Catalog No.: UZCL-2001
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Anchor Records

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Yankee No.9
02. 2-A
03. Cute & Stupid
04. Calmen No.9
05. Let's Study!
06. Haguremono
07. Fighting Spirit
08. Grandpa
09. Mousou Show
10. Yankee Rock
11. Familia
12. School Days
13. Class Mate
14. Gekitotsu
15. Jet Rock
16. Solitary
17. Ludwig No.9
18. Gloomy
19. Megane no Etude





"Buzzer Beat"
Original Soundtrack

Music by
Toshifumi Hinata, Yoshiyuki Sahashi,
Teruyuki Nobuchika, Junko Makiyama

Release: 2009.08.19
Catalog No.: PCCR-00485
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Pony Canyon

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Go ARCS!
02. Kanojo no Natsu
03. Can We Still Go On?
04. Lunatic Blues
05. That’s my flame
06. Arch
07. Passion
08. Alleyoop
09. Shake it
10. Match Up
11. Rain After Rain
12. White Lies
13. High Tide
14. Be Alert
15. Practice
16. Romantique
17. Another Day, Another Work
18. Kare no Natsu
19. Family
20. Bagatelle for Violin & Piano
21. Mistral





"Put The Wig On"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2008.12.01
Format: Digital
Label: nbck records


01. Put The Wig On - Opening 
02. Afternoon 
03. Interview 
04. Art Room #136 
05. Put The Wig On - Endroll 





Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2008.07.02
Catalog No.: UMCK-1256
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Universal Sigma

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. CHANGE - Main Theme
02. political circles
03. Bokura no Sensei
04. Mojakura
05. Tentai Kansoku
06. prime minister
07. Kaze wo Kanjite
08. Kokka no Kodou
09. Sonomama no Kimi de
10. calling
11. Shikyaku no Ashioto
12. election is a war
13. Main Theme - Piano
14. power and position
15. sound of silence
16. Kimi no Tameni Dekirukoto
17. clear sky
18. power broker
19. Main Theme - Acoustic
20. Kokoro no Koe
21. Main Theme - Strings





"Kyuka (Vacation)"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2008.06.07
Catalog No.: CRNB-0001
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Circle Records


01. opening
02. Kaisou
03. Kouen Nite
04. Menkai
05. Kisyo no Ongaku
06. Kazoku no Tabi
07. Aratana Hibi
08. endroll
09. endroll - piano





Original Soundtrack

Music by Satoshi Takebe, Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2007.08.01
Catalog No.: RZCD-45663
Format: CD, Digital
Label: Rhythm Zone

iTunes Store
CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Opening Title
02. Nishikaze no Kioku
03. Ifuu Rinrin
04. Kinkaku Ginkaku Suite#1
05. Battle - Rekka no Gotoku
06. Princess Reimi - Voice Of Angel
07. Kawakuri Waltz
08. Aun (Movie Edit)
09. Tsurugi (Movie Edit)
10. Princess Reimi - Strings
11. Kinkaku Ginkaku Suite#1
12. Tora no Tamiyo
13. Nirvana (Movie Mix)
14. Princess Reimi - Piano
15. Battle - Kyuden no Tatakai
16. Kokuun no Mamono
17. Mitsuteru
18. Finale
19. Mugen (Movie Mix)
20. Tabibito (Movie Ver.)
21. Around The World (Movie Ver.)





"Tana no Sumi"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2007.05.17
Format: Digital
Label: nbck records


01. Opening
02. Main Title
03. Yasuo and Shinji
04. Troubled
05. Yoko and Tsuyoshi
06. Alone
07. Father
08. Father and Son
09. Scenery of a Family
10. Meet Again
11. Yasuo and Yoko
12. Ending





"Winter Chime"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2007.04.03
Format: Digital
Label: nbck records


01. Winter Chime
02. Bad Dream
03. Bedroom #1
04. Kissing
05. Bedroom #2
06. Last Dream





"Tokimeki Memorial - Only Love"
Original Soundtrack Vol.2

Music by Hajime Mizoguchi & Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2007.03.07
Catalog No.: GBCA-19
Format: CD
Label: Konami

CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Main Theme - Piano
02. Kimi ga Irukara - Strings
03. Sunao ni Naritakute - Cello
04. Kaze wo Kanjite
05. Solitude
06. Kasuka na silhouette
07. Kurayami no Oto
08. Koi no Yokan
09. Tomadoi no Yokogao
10. Erabaresi Hitobito
11. Itsumo no Houkago
12. Nikumenai Aibou
13. Zawameku Kimichi
14. Arashi no Yokan
15. Namida no Kazudake
16. Indig Blue - Cello
17. Kowaku no Manazashi
18. Subarashiki Ketsumatsu
19. Tadaima Onmitsu Koudoucyu
20. Yuuou Maishin
21. Deep Impact
22. Haritsumeta Kuuki
23. Mienai Kyoufu
24. Gomen to Iitainoni...
25. Syou !
26. Kotoba ni Naranai
27. Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru - Cello
28. Syoukei
29. Himitsu (TV Size)
30. Main Theme - Strings





"Tokimeki Memorial - Only Love"
Original Soundtrack Vol.1

Music by Hajime Mizoguchi & Teruyuki Nobuchik

Release: 2006.12.06
Catalog No.: GBCA-18
Format: CD
Label: Konami

CD Japan
Tower Records

01. Main Theme
02. Yokan (TV Size)
03. Indigo Blue - Mizuna no Theme
04. Cyottodake Senobi
05. Issyo ni Kaerou
06. Girls Talk
07. Nigero Tiku !
08. Drastic Medicine
09. Umaretate no Tsubasa
10. Kimi ga Irukara
11. Hiyokokko Santai - Sou
12. Tegowai Aite
13. Yuuyake wa Shitteiru
14. Setanasa no Yoin
15. Egao ga Mitakute
16. Hiyokokko Santai - Waku
17. Hiyokokko Santai - Ikari
18. Soshite Koi Ga Hajimaru
19. Massugu na Kokoro
20. Sunaon ni Naritakute
21. Itsuka Niji ga Kakaru koro
22. Soba ni Iruyo
23. Kiseki no Kakera (TV Size)
24. Main Theme - Strings





Original Soundtrack Vol.2

Music by Masami Okui with God Speed

Release: 2006.08.30
Catalog No.: EVST-0002
Format: CD
Label: evolution

12. Distress
(Arranged by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
13. Distress 〜 The End
(Arranged by Teruyuki Nobuchika)





"Monthly Mone"
Original Soundtrack

Various Artists

Release: 2006.03.24
Catalog No.: GFCA-20
Format: CD
Label: Konami

28. Tanoshii Oshogatsu (Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
29. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
30. Kazeno Kaori (Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
31. Hidamari (Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
32. Nijiirono Dengon (Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)





"Fukigen na Gene"
Original Soundtrack

Music by
Hiroshi Uesugi,
Teruyuki Nobuchika

Release: 2005.03.24
Catalog No.: SRCL-5895
Format: CD
Label: SME

CD Japan
Tower Records

01. A Lover's Concerto - Sunset Ver.
02. It's Happy Line - Piano Ver.
03. Winding Rord - Sunny Ver.
04. Feel My Soul - Active Ver.
05. It's Happy Line - Quartet Ver.
06. Fly High
07. Green Days
08. A Lover's Concerto - Ladybird Ver.
09. It's Happy Line - Afternoon Ver.
10. Farewell
11. Feel My Soul - Night Ver.
12. Winding Rord - Cloudy Ver.
13. Motion
14. Lost
15. It's Happy Line - Music Box
16. A Lover's Concerto - Acoustic Guitar Ver.
17. Flower
18. Midnight Runners
19. Feel My Soul - Piano Ver.
20. It's Happy Line - Orchestra Ver.





"Dora Heita"
Original Soundtrack

Music by Kensaku Tanikawa
Image Music by Tetsutaro Skurai & Various Artists

Release: 2000.05.10
Catalog No.: CPC8-3029
Format: CD
Label: Culture Publishers

32. Mukashi Attakoto
(Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)
39. Mugen
(Music by Teruyuki Nobuchika)







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